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Nov. 30, 2021

Bill Nussey - Freeing Energy, how local renewable energy is changing the world

Bill Nussey - Freeing Energy, how local renewable energy is changing the world
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Tech entrepreneur Bill Nussey joins the Clean Power Hour! Bill has been traveling the globe interviewing the best and brightest minds (like Amory Lovins, the founder of Rocky Mountain Institute) on the topics of solar PV and battery storage. He’s compiled these interviews and learnings into a wonderful book. And many of the interviews are found on his podcast, Freeing Energy. Bill is also a solar PV entrepreneur and the CEO of Solar Inventions which is developing next generation solar technology. We discuss “What is a smart grid?” and how innovation in technology makes local energy possible and disruption of the traditional grid likely and inevitable. Listen, learn and share this podcast with your friends! 

Take aways: 

The Smart Grid is here to stay

Solar and battery storage are the bees knees

Local energy gives power to the people


Bill Nussey - founder of Freeing Energy and CEO of Solar Inventions 



More on Bill

Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with three successful exits, including an IPO. He

has also been an investor with venture capital firm, Greylock. After IBM acquired

his company, he became IBM’s VP Corporate Strategy, helping lead the

company’s overall strategy. As a CEO, his companies have raised more than $400

million, created thousands of jobs and several billion in shareholder value. Most

recently, he co-founded Solar Inventions, which recently won almost $1 million

in prizes from the first-ever US Department of Energy startup competition for a

breakthrough in solar cell architecture. He also hosts a popular podcast and

website that laid the foundation for the book. He received a degree in electrical

engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Harvard

Business School.

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