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July 26, 2021

Biggest floating solar! | Aussie microgrid is for real | Clean Power Hour Ep.52

Biggest floating solar! | Aussie microgrid is for real | Clean Power Hour Ep.52
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The Pixies are coming and they feed on microgrids
The US adopts solar app nationwide
What is an ultra mega renewable energy project? 
Electric Aviation taking off, literally
Billionaires are invading space - is that good?
World's largest floating solar!
How much does it cost to fly on Blue Origin?
CPH Ep52 July 23, 2021
Here to answer all these questions and more mysteries of the energy transition is my co-host and the commercial solar guy John weaver. 

Virgin Galactic Unity 22 flies from Space Port America in NM
& Bezos flight

Pixies are coming and they hail from Australia 

Solar App goes national

New world’s largest floating solar ‘2.2 GW solar pv plus 4,000 MWh capacity; 1,600 hectares; 2,600 GWh annually; plans to start construction on site in 2022, and complete it in 2024"

What is a ultra mega renewable energy project?
Mint: NTPC to build India’s largest solar park of 4.75 GW in Rann of Kutch. 

CA powergrid breaks 1 GW energy storage discharge - symbolic number, but cool:
The injection 1 GW broke on 7/17 -

Massive battery capacity in the 2030 pipeline - 4.1 TWh of manufacturing capacity

Pricing information on Megapacks $278/kWh - get your cc out

Electric airplanes

Floating wind rig video on twitter -

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