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Dec. 21, 2021

Americans want Solar in 2022 I Clean Power News

Americans want Solar in 2022 I Clean Power News
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#65: Welcome to the Clean Power Hour Holiday special!

We cover a TON of big clean energy news in today's episode.

- Solar could triple by 2023 to 60 GW per year!
- Voters want America-first clean energy and climate solutions - conservative poll shows
- Build Back Better funding includes the largest level of clean energy R&D in history 
- Small modular nuclear is good for Mars colonization…solar is good for Earth
- Installation and cleaning robots - solar clean-O
- Solar panel pricing has peaked hopefully
- Retrofitting diesel school buses with EV drive trains (see Ally Power hydrogen episode 64)
-Erthos flat solar racking and BCI has a new racking product that you’ll want to see
-Rounding out the show…John and Tim give a glimpse into why they got into solar and the energy transition (John visited China - boom!). HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Three vastly divergent solar deployment projections by John Weaver
IEA predicts flat growth, S&P Global predicts we triple by 2023 to 60 GW/yr of installed solar which is where we need to be headed.

Conservative Energy Network Poll Shows Voters Want America-First Clean Energy and Climate Solutions. From a conservative poll - “91% of respondents support America increasing its domestic supply chain to ensure components important to clean energy development are made in America.”

Build Back Better/Infrastructure funding includes the largest level of clean energy R&D in history of US, even accounting for inflation back to the later 1970s under President Carter

Solar panel cleaning robots for a commercial roof, and of key importance - check out the neat platform to get the unit on the roof:

A robot to install utility scale solar panels - we truly will need this to avoid climate chaos

Panel supply chain pricing officially falling more broadly, after wafers fell for two weeks first - this is the spot market of course

Retrofitting school buses with EV drive trains and batteries
First - 10,000 units coming
Second- here is the kit for the retrofit
SEA-Drive ® Power-Systems – SEA... the Future

Real pictures of a solar panel system - by Erthos - installed flat on the ground:

BCI Engineering doing their own racking system - lays flat to install then tilts up to whatever angle you engineer. 

Two pictures from the John’s trip to China in the 1980’s:
Wind turbines -
Solar panel on a Yurt =

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