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July 5, 2022

Alfonso Barrenechea of Solar Plaza | Asset Management Texas Ep.93

Alfonso Barrenechea of Solar Plaza | Asset Management Texas Ep.93
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Bringing solar professionals together in-person is Solar Plaza’s specialty; they’ve organized over 150 solar events in 60 cities, in 41 countries and six continents. Since 2004, Solar Plaza has been inviting clean energy industry professionals from all aspects of a solar project together under one roof. From Madrid to Rome to Amsterdam to Copenhagen to Frankfurt to Lisbon to Austin, Solar Plaza is everywhere across the globe in 2022!

Alfonso Barrenechea is a Project Manager at the Netherlands-based company since 2019. Alfonso loves learning the technical side of solar and knows that the ideas generated at a Solar Plaza event make their way downstream into real solar projects unfolding across the globe. 

Today on Clean Power Hour, Alfonso gives Tim a look into a unique business model in our quest as a species to detach from fossil fuels: an event planning company that specializes in the science of clean energy! Listen to Alfonso and Tim discuss why bringing a collective of the best minds in solar together can spur on ideas about efficiency, profitability and availability of the technology that spread fast. The resources offered by Solar Plaza don’t end at their events; check out their Resources page for webinars, seven-minute trend talks and interviews with important figureheads in the clean energy sphere.

Key Takeaways

Why Austin is a perfect location for a clean energy event

Which environmental factors dictate the need to differentiate markets within countries and, in the US, even within states

How Texas’ history as an energy state impacts its clean energy journey

Why California and Texas represent such a big share of the US’s transition to clean energy

What factors go into consideration in selecting a city to host a Solar Plaza conference

Why developers need to adopt zero waste manufacturing practices and recognize that repurposing or recycling is a critical part of the project lifecycle 

How diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is growing in the mostly white, mostly male solar industry

How adoption of more DEI in solar reflects technology industry trends globally

Why seemingly unrelated companies joining together under one roof can initiate relationships and ultimately innovation in solar technology

Why economics is the biggest driver in popularity of solar, wind and storage

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