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Aug. 20, 2021

A Terawatt by 2035 | Clean Power Hour E56

A Terawatt by 2035 | Clean Power Hour E56
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Biden releases White House plan including 40% of electricity coming from solar power by 2035 - that’s a TW of capacity

Weaver's article on the initial outline of the reconciliation bill - solar tax credit extension and direct pay, EVs, manufacturing for solar, and clean energy standard:

South Korean research getting better at solar panel recycling: 'technique recycles undamaged/damaged panels...up to 100% retrieval rate of glass components...~80% other materials recycled into high-performance solar cells...Researchers refined silicon from 72 panels into six-inch single crystal ingots & wafers'

Germany expanding EV charging network - “ministry aims to find companies to build around 1,000 charging stations equipped with several charging points each in areas designated by the government. The ministry caps the price customers have to pay at 44 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), meaning the cost for charging an e-car will be "below the price for diesel fuel”

California moving forward on building code update that says all new commercial buildings and upgrades require adding solar power

Giant solar+wind+hydrogen generation project in China - more than twice as many electrolyzers (465 MW) as were built last year globally - “1.85 gigawatts of solar and 370 megawatts of wind to produce 66,900 tons of green hydrogen a year”

Meyer Burger says they’re sold out into Q4 for their new heterojunction product, though it is still ramping, and a bit slowly due to challenges getting certain components


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