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CEO of Paces AI, James McWalter, Shares His Vision for Empowering Green Infrastructure Development

Welcome to Clean Power Hour! Today we have a very special guest – James McWalter, CEO & Founder of Paces AI.

James shares his vision for empowering green infrastructure development with AI-driven software. Paces is a software platform that aims to help solar, wind and storage project developers manage their site selection more efficiently.

James and host Tim Montague discuss how Paces platform can help energy professionals with their solar, wind, and battery storage projects. They explore how Paces enables green infrastructure and energy developers succeed. And how Y Combinator has informed his journey to rapidly iterate the platform and give customers what they need.

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Key Takeaways.
1. What is Paces AI, and how is Paces different than existing platforms?
2. Why James is driven to innovate in the energy industry?
3. How does Paces AI go about Utility jurisdiction, and discerning transmission vs distribution.
4. What are the difficulties facing start up solar software and data companies and how does Paces AI tackle them.