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May 2, 2021

Gunter Erfurt, Ardes Johnson - Meyer Burger High Performance Solar Modules | Clean Power Hour Ep.43

Gunter Erfurt, Ardes Johnson - Meyer Burger High Performance Solar Modules | Clean Power Hour Ep.43
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Gunter Erfurt, CEO and Ardes Johnson, President and GM, Americas, Meyer Burger join us for a special episode of the Clean Power Hour. We explore this new technology launch and the storied history of Meyer Burger in the solar industry. We liken Meyer Burger to the Swiss Army Knife of Solar. 
High Performance, Low Carbon Solar Module Data Sheets available here:
Slide Show from the Investor's call:

Industry-leading solar modules based on patented Swiss technology produced in Germany with an optimized additional yield of up to 20 percent compared to standard products;
Three different versions available: white, black and glass-glass in standard size for roof systems and weighing less than 20 kilograms (44 lbs);
Solar energy rethought according to the motto 'The best. From here. For tomorrow ': industry-leading energy yield and outstanding optics, proprietary technology with a local manufacturing strategy and a consistently sustainable product
Solar modules can now be ordered from wholesalers, sales start-up contracts have been concluded with well-known partners
Digital services for customers via smartphone app
Sales focus on the markets of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Benelux region, Italy, France, Poland, Great Britain, Nordic countries and the USA
Strengthened by experienced solar sales expert Sven Stoffers as sales manager from May
Opening of the German production facilities for solar cells and modules in May, start of production in June, start of delivery to customers in July 2021

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