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Jan. 25, 2022

Energy Transition News Ep.70

Energy Transition News Ep.70
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While the energy transition has begun, we still have a long way to go. In fact, our CO2 footprint here in the US increased by 6% in 2021 and global CO2 levels continue to rise. So, what are we doing to manage the impacts of climate change? And what’s happening in the world of solar, wind and storage to accelerate the crucial transition to clean power?

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Tim and John sit down to discuss the top headlines in energy transition news, beginning with the feasibility of the Bloomberg story on doubling the world’s polysilicon capacity in 2022. They go on to cover solar tracker manufacturer Array’s acquisition of STI Norland and Golman Sachs’ $250M investment in compressed air storage projects.

Tim and John consider the scope of the Northern European Enclosure Dam and walk us through the EIA projections around the breakdown of electric generating capacity in the US in 2022. Listen in for insight on the highest efficiency solar modules available to consumers and find out what makes solar and wind power complementary sources of renewable energy.

Key Takeaways

The feasibility of doubling the world’s polysilicon capacity in 2022 

How Florida Power and Light is mulching solar panel packaging to save $130K per site 

How Array’s acquisition of STI Norland makes it the largest solar tracker manufacturer in the world

Goldman Sachs’ $250M investment in Hydrostar to advance compressed air storage

The pros and cons of underwater battery storage technology

How the Northern European Enclosure Dam is designed to save Europe from sea level rise

The highest efficiency solar modules available to consumers

How an Indian real estate firm was running a rooftop solar incentive scheme

The EIA’s projections that solar will account for half of new US electric generating capacity in 2022

What makes solar and wind complementary sources of power

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'China’s Solar Giants Have a Fix for Their Broken Supply Chain’ in Bloomberg 

‘Millions Saved with Onsite Mulching of Solar Trash’ in PV Magazine

‘Goldman Sachs Invests $250M in Hydrostar to Advance Long-Duration Energy Storage Projects’ in PV Magazine

‘Utility Scale Ocean Battery, a Bedfellow for Floating PV’ in PV Magazine

Northern European Enclosure Dam on Wikipedia

‘Monthly Taiyang News Update on Commercially Available High Efficiency Solar Panels’ in Taiyang News

Elon Musk on the Lex Friedman Podcast EP252

‘How Chennai Realtors Are Flouting Building Rules by Hiring Rooftop Solar Panels’ in Citizen Matters

‘Coal Will Account for 85% of US Electric Generating Capacity Requirements in 2022’ from the US Energy Information Association

Chart of Wind and Solar Generation in Europe


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