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Aug. 13, 2021

CubicPV - Direct Wafer, Tandem, Perovskite Solar Technology | Frank van Mierlo, CEO | CPH Ep.55

CubicPV - Direct Wafer, Tandem, Perovskite Solar Technology | Frank van Mierlo, CEO | CPH Ep.55
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Frank van Mierlo, CEO of CubicPV is our guest today on the Clean Power Hour (E55). CubicPV is the new company formed by the merger of 1366 Technologies (direct wafer tech) with Hunt Perovskite Technologies. Welcome to the next frontier of solar PV technology!

Tandem solar technology layers two different light absorbers to increase energy harvest from more of the solar spectrum, boosting the power output of modules by 30%. The technologies that enable the leap to tandem solar, the Direct Wafer process and durable perovskites, will create a solar future defined by high-efficiency and lower embedded energy and materials. This makes 720 watt solar modules possible and soon, 1,000 watt modules! This is THE bleeding edge of solar PV technology that will underpin a massive industry to deliver clean electricity to meet society's growing energy needs and fuel the energy transition.

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