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May 3, 2021

Community Solar in New Mexico! | Kite Power | Tesla Jacks Solar Roof Pricing | CPH Ep.40

Community Solar in New Mexico! | Kite Power | Tesla Jacks Solar Roof Pricing | CPH Ep.40
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Today on the Clean Power Hour with John Weaver and Tim Montague | Ep.40: 
Canadian Solar mass produces 665 W module (solar panel)
Jobs Act break down 
New Mexico now has community solar
Kite power is approaching commercial deployment
Tesla jacks the prices of solar roof
Solar for 1.04¢/kWh in Saudi Arabia

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Tesla increases solar roof pricing for people already with signed contracts

Canadian Solar 665

Project of the week: *Saudi Arabia 1.04/kWh record price, but there are dynamics, but still record

Jobs Act cliff notes

New Mexico has become the 21st state to enable community solar, following Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's (D) signing Senate Bill 84 into law.

SkySails Power - nice video of how kite power works 

*'SK will pay 1 trillion won in cash and 1 trillion in royalties to the rival as compensation for its theft of lithium-ion battery technologies. LG, in exchange, will drop all legal action against SK both in Korea and abroad.'
Here’s a a bit of a story on the behind the scene stuff -

*“If the US is to achieve a carbon free grid by 2035 then it would need to at the very least add around 70GW of wind and solar a year from 2025 onwards,” said @Tomrrees’

A solar power plant so big, they’re building a factory to feed it
Plus a video of what hardware they’re using and how it installs:

*'Wyoming sets aside $$$ to sue states for their renewable energy policies. The bill allocates $1.2 million for lawsuits against states with regulations that impede Wyoming’s ability to export coal or force early closures of coal-fired plants in the state'

California breaks peak solar number, add roughly 8GWdc of rooftop, that makes 21 GWdc of solar

Baby born and using the solar powered baby warmer at the Bakdil's solar powered public health centre (PHC)in spark hill, Meghalaya


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