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Feb. 21, 2022

Clean Energy News | Clean Power Hour LIVE Feb 17, 2022

Clean Energy News | Clean Power Hour LIVE Feb 17, 2022

Illinois clean energy boom is back
10-20 GW electrolyzer coming to California?
World’s largest wind turbine blade looks like a skate park
John bought a Hyundai Ionic 5 - yes!

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Illinois Clean Energy Boom is back on

Southern California Gas Company is submitting an application to build a 10 to 20GW electrolyzer and 25 to 35GW of new and curtailed wind and solar, along with 2GW of energy storage, to deliver green hydrogen to the Los Angeles Basin.


World’s largest wind turbine blade - here’s the mould, it looks like a skate park


John bought an Ionic 5


Europe is building a massive number of battery factories - everywhere:


5.4 TWh of battery manufacturing capacity in the pipeline by 2030


Complementing the above reality is a great chart of mining for lithium - expect it to POP


Tesla charging network is now available for all companies in the Netherlands, if this comes to the USA that’s real nice


Article of mine: List of rejected solar power plants, 17 of them since 2017 - but we’ve built over 2600 - this guy is just a hater though, and I think that we’ve built so many he actually underscores his logic


Solar corporate PPA procurement is up massively, but pricing of PPAs is up as well over the last year or more


Cool chart showing solar jobs and salaries


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